The PTC3 framework is developed to help educators evaluate the affordances of educational mobile apps. The framework and the evaluation tool were developed in the first phase of our design based research supported by the TeachEdMobile project funded by the European Commission’s 7th framework. Phase 1 of the research provided data from usability tests conducted with preservice teachers, including their thoughts while using the apps and their insights regarding evaluation criteria. During the usability tests, the preservice teachers were asked to evaluate the affordances and limitations of selected educational mobile apps from their particular subject domains. Their interactions with and evaluations of the mobile apps were collected through think-aloud sessions and interviews. Qualitative analysis revealed preservice teachers’ evaluation criteria in five categories: Pedagogy, technical usability, content, connectivity, and contextuality. The results revealed recommendations for future research on evaluating the capabilities of existing mobile apps with key players such as in-service and preservice teachers.

We continue to refine the framework with further tests in different contexts. Please contact us if you’d like to adopt the framework and the evaluation tool within your own teacher education contexts. For more information about research, check out our recent publication below and the TeachEdMobile website.


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