The Handbook of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for Educators 2nd Edition is now published by Routledge. Edited by Mary C. Herring, Matthew J. Koehler, Punya Mishra, the new handbook covers recent research and work on TPACK with chapters written by international scholars. Our chapter “TPACK-based professional development programs in in-service science teacher education” authored by Dr. Evrim Baran, Dr. Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici and Erdem Uygun examines TPACK-based professional approaches in science teacher education. Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 17.20.46

Abstract: With the recent emphasis on using technologies in science education, the need has emerged to prepare science teachers with effective technology integration skills. To address this need, a TPACK-based PD program was designed and implemented as part of an in-service teacher-training project in Turkey. This chapter presents the research on the investigation of the impact of the TPACK-based PD program on science teachers’ TPACK development. The analysis revealed that as a result of attending the PD, teachers’ TPACK increased and sustained over a period of one year. Research and practical implications for designing in-service science teacher training programs are shared.



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