Last semester I taught the Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education graduate course that I created and offered at METU. One of the projects in the course was to write a chapter and create a wikibook on TPACK. Collaboratively with my students, we engaged in a systematic and guided writing and design process for our wikibook throughout the semester. We are now publishing the first version online and opening the wikibook to the scholarly community.

‘The Many Faces of TPACK: Perspectives and Approaches” is a collaborative work between the course instructor/editor and the students/authors. The book intends to present the approaches and perspectives on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework which provided a theoretical foundation to the course activities and experiences. All the content in this book as well as the format such as the cover, title, and the table of contents were created by the course participants.

Some of the great examples of other wikibooks initiated by educational technology scholars provided an inspiration for this wikibook created as part of a course assignment for the Research and Technology in Teacher Education Course. These inspirations came from Dr. Ana Paula Correia’s course wikibook project “Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion of Innovation”, Dr. Niki Davis’s “Change with Digital Technologies in Education”, and Dr. Curt Bonk’s “The Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies”. These provided great examples of such collaborative work that came out of graduate courses.

Throughout this Wikibook, authors not only examine TPACK within different disciplines, research methods, and initiatives, but also provide their own insights on how this frame might impact future research and practice both in Turkey and around the world. I believe this is just a beginning to our “bon voyage” on TPACK and motivation to improve learning and teaching with technology. We cherish this collaborative effort that opened the borders of our course to the scholarly community and hope to continue such endeavours in the near future.

I thank to my graduate students for all their efforts and great work!

Here is the reference to our book: Baran, E. (2013) (Ed.). The Many Faces of TPACK: Perspectives and Approaches. Wikibook/textbook, available at:


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