I am happy to announce that my project “Going Mobile in Teacher Education” was awarded with the Marie Curie Career Integration (CIG) Grant. We now successfully completed the negotiation process with the European Commission and four year project will start in September.

Marie Curie Career Integration Grant is given to improve the permanent integration of researchers in Europe. “The action is designed to support researchers in the first
steps of their European research career and to attain lasting professional integration in the ERA. By providing researchers with a substantial research budget, the action is intended to improve considerably their prospects for long term integration, thus contributing to the success of their research career. This action should also allow the transfer of knowledge that the researchers have acquired prior
to the Career Integration Grant, as well as to the development of lasting co-operation with the scientific and/or industrial environment of the country from which they have moved. This action has a particular emphasis on countering European ‘brain drain’ to other third countries” (See the details). I particularly recommend researchers in their early careers apply for this prestigious grant if they decide to reintegrate to the European research area.

Now, main purpose of my project is to provide, through research and development, methodological and curricular support to teacher educators so that they have research informed resources and curriculum for the integration of mobile applications into their teacher education programs. The results of this project will lead to the overall benefit of preparing tomorrow’s European teachers with appropriate skills and knowledge regarding the use of emerging technologies in their classrooms and contribute to equipping Europe’s young population with digital competence to gain and maintain its competitive advantage in the global economy.


More news about the project will follow soon.

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