time management

The first defense of people who prefer fast food and run away from exercise is time-lapse. In fact this is often a pretext. Day is 24 hours for all people and it is enough to do everything but it is very important to do good time management. First of all, if you want to control the time and be successful, you should definitely set your goals. After you have set your goals, you should plan an activity plan to reach those goals. If you want to control your time well, you need to include significant work in the activity plan. According to the requirement ratio, it would be better to classify jobs in groups such as A, B, C, D. One of the most important reasons why you can not control the time and have no time is the factors that waste time. The first factor that causes lost of time  is social media and TV. According to research by We are Social, a UK based global social media agency, people in Turkey spend 2.5 hours on social media sites and on average 2 hours on television. These 4 hours actually can not exercise and it is quite a long time to prepare healthy foods. If you have a problem with time management, you can get rid of this problem by applying these simple steps and you can spare time to do sports.

(You can reach the agency of We Are Social by  http://wearesocial.com/blog/2014/07/social-digital-mobile-middle-east)