Let’s start with a healhty diet

The first codition of living healty and staying fit is healthy nutrition. Although I am an athlete, I realized that I have no information about healthy eating until recently and I did a research on it. I wrote an essay based on my research. I want to share the essay I wrote with you.


One of the biggest problems in our age is poor nutrition habits. People don’t care good nutrition which is significant for their health when they try to catch up work and the school life. Most people skip their meals with unhealthy foods. This usually causes people to gain weight in a short time with the inactive life style. When people notice it, some of them apply some weaken ways such as slimming pills, being starved. However, these kilos which are lost with these methods are not permanent and harmful for health. Whereas, people can have their health and appearrance which they want with healthy diet. People can maintain a diet which is necessary for them in two ways.

The first thing that comes to mind about diet is generally changes in food habits, but it is not enough to have healthy body. There are two conditions of having an healthy body. Firstly, physical activities are important for the functioning of the body. Basic exercises such as running, walking are the first steps of physical activities. Most people know that doing exercise affects them positively but they are lazy. Some people are an excuse that they don’t have time for it. Doing exercise half an hour a day helps diet to be more effective by accelerating the metabolism. In additio, increasing daily movement helps people to have a healthy body. People who don’t have time to do exercise can turn compulsory daily movements into exercising. For example, if they use public transport, they can go down one or two stop before their direction and continue by on foot or they can use the stairs instead of getting on elevator. Secondly, meditation is effective to have a healthy body. For example, yoga is the common meditation method. Because it includes some physical movements, it helps people to maintain a diet physically when it makes people concentrate to do diet. An other meditation method is sleeping. After a busy day, the body needs quality sleep more then everythig so having a regular sleep pattern is important. There is a strong link between sleeplessness and gaining weight. People who try to maintain a diet should have regular sleeping pattern.

There are many diet methods according to the doctors and cultures. Sometimes people can’t be sure which diet is more effective. In fact, every diet has similar content and conditions. The first condition is eating healthy foods. In recent years, particularly all foods include additive substances, so people suppose that they are consuming healthy nutritions but they are deceived. These foods have too much calories while they are poor in nutritive value. When people consume these foods,  they can’t take enough energy and they feel hungary again in a short time. So, it is important to consume nutritionally wealthy foods. For example, grains like oat, teff are rewarding as well as energetic at the same time. In addition, there is a mistake done by some people. They try yo lose weight by being starved but it doesn’t help them to achieve their purpose, it can even be harmful for their health. Protein, carbohydrate and fat needs of the body must be taken sufficiently but protecting the balance among them is important. For example, predominantly carbohydrate in-take leads to loss of muscle mass or diets which contain high protein and low carbohydrate help to lose weight but it again leads to loss of muscle mass, it is not fat. The other condition of maintaining a diet is staying hydrated. Because it helps to accelerate metabolism and remove toxins, staying hydrated is necessary for the body. The initial condition of staying hydrated is consuming water. Each person who diets must consume plenty of water for their body, but this quantity is generally at least 2 litre a day. In addition, drinking a glass of water before dinner helps to diet. Moreover, herbal teas block the accumulation of fats and remove edema of body so they are important parts of the diet.

All in all, peopl e can maintain a diet by starting to move and being careful about what they are eat. If people watch these two ways, they can achieve their purpose and overweight will not be a promlem for them. Finally, people shouldn’t forget that diets are not only necessary for appearence but also necessary for their health.